The Busy Giffs: Swappin' Books

April 2, 2012

Swappin' Books

I recently signed up for a book swap hosted by Heather (great name!) at Blonde... Undercover Blonde.

I'm a huge book geek and the chance to promote reading and literacy makes me excited in my pants. Plus, swaps are the best because, seriously, it's like Christmas, or your birthday, and you get presents in the mail! :)

I was matched up with Amber from A Little Pink in the Cornfields and before I tell you what she sent me, I need to be a bit creepy. I kind of stalk her now. Seriously. Via her blog and her Twitter.
If she didn't live in Iowa, I'd want to be her best friend.
And since she sends me books in the mail, what's not to love!?

So I got my package, opened it up and found....


Can I tell you a secret?
I have NEVER read a Nicholas Sparks book. Ever.
So I'm excited to read a new (to me) writer plus I LOVE books that have a movie adaptation and almost always make it a point to see the movie after reading the book so here's two more I can add to the list!

I can't say thanks enough to Amber and Heather for a great swap!

Meal Prepped Meat, Egg, and Cheese Breakfasts

So fun fact-- I've lost close to 20 pounds in the last few months.  It's a combination of medicating my thyroid, watching what I eat...


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