The Busy Giffs: Ultimate Blog Party!

April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hi! Welcome to Keeping Up With the Giffords!!

I'm glad you're stopping by to say hi during the Ultimate Blog Party!

Hmmmm... let's see...

I'm a 26 year old wife and mom.
I work as a nanny and as a restaurant manager when I'm not busy being a mom to my 10 month old princess.

I write about everything and usually link up to other people because I love meeting new people and reading new blogs!

A few of my vices:
Boston sports,
anything nautical.

I overachieve in everything I do.
I love scrapbooking, doing crafts, painting my nails, and reading books.

I'm just a typical working mom with too much to say and not enough friends to say it to so I write about it here!
Thanks for stopping by!!

A few of my favorite posts:

Oh How Pinteresting
What to Buy When You're Expecting
Big News!

Also: I have a Target giftcard giveaway going on! Check it out!
I'm currently looking for sponsors for a Mother's Day giveaway!

Check out my Facebook page and my Twitter!

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